BC Bridging Solutions (Pty) Ltd ("BCBS") specialises in facilitating loan funding to Sectional Title Bodies Corporate, offering various lending solutions to Bodies Corporate that have underlying levy debtor problems, or require funding for municipal arrears, maintenance and / or capital projects, but whose unit owners cannot immediately raise the necessary upfront cash.

The BCBS team has a unique blend of specialist skills in Sectional Title which has allowed it to put together innovative funding solutions for Bodies Corporate. Funding solutions offered to qualifying Bodies Corporate, include monthly amortising, interest only and capitalised interest loans. The interest only and capitalised interest loan products are only repayable "as and when" the Body Corporate collects its arrear levies, allowing the Body Corporate the time required to collect arrear levies owed to the Body Corporate by defaulting unit owners and thus allowing time for the rehabilitation of these levy debtors.

BCBS has provided loans to over 100 Body Corporates with unique funding solutions to assist them with operational shortfalls and / or funding required for significant capital projects.

Our entire focus at BCBS is specifically directed at understanding the funding requirements of the Body Corporate and providing the Trustees and / or managing agent with the best possible funding solution.