Body Corporate Bridging Solutions

BC Bridging Solutions (Pty) Ltd is focused on facilitating loan funding to Sectional Title Bodies Corporate, offering various lending solutions to Bodies Corporate that have underlying levy debtor problems, or require funding for municipal arrears, maintenance and / or capital projects, but whose unit owners cannot raise the necessary upfront cash.

How it Works

Sectional Title Bodies Corporate creditors (e.g. loan providers) to these unique borrowers also enjoy the protection of The Sectional Titles Act (“STA”) and The Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act (“STSMA”) due to the Security Cession (whether by Notarial Bond or regular cession in securitatem debiti) given by the Body Corporate. The effect of which is that the lender’s claims, as well as the local authority and any other claims which are “costs in the cause”, are recovered before those due to other Body Corporate and unit owner creditors, including the Receiver of Revenue and Mortgage Bond holders. In addition, ALL units within the entire development provide security, in proportion to their participation quota share, to the lender’s claims.

Why it Works

Whilst many Body Corporates are efficiently managed and are financially sound, many of these schemes have defaulting unit owners and as a result struggle to function operationally, often leading to general decay of the building / complex and therefore unit value. This is mainly as a result of being able to afford basic necessities whilst limiting maintenance work.

Unique Funding Offering

BC Bridging Solutions (Pty) Ltd offers unique funding solutions to Sectional Title Bodies Corporate and works with its clients to achieve an operationally functional entity without prejudicing the paying owners within the Body Corporate.